Friday, November 5, 2010

Good for your eyes!

I have recieved a few more photos to share. First we have Sophia, Tina's daughter posing for the Kick Breast Cancer's Ass: Pinup Calender for Dori! Turned out amazing, this one of the shots for the set that wasn't chosen for the calendar. All the shots for the calendar will not be revieled until the calendar comes out.
Next in line we have blonde bombshell, Jenn. She looks like a more innocent looking Marilyn Monroe! And yet another bullseye with Jessica. The rich colors came out amazing. Also we have Brenda who I styled to have a more rocker chic look. Bold and classic! All three were a part of our most recent Pinup Party with Parris Blue Productions!
I am getting excited about the holiday season! I love the glamour, warmth and textures that go along with the fall and winter months. I'll be posting some insprirational pieces this weekend to get help get the juices flowing on what kind of looks I want to create next!

Till then... Muah!

                                                                  *BEFORE & AFTER* 
                                                                     Model: Sophia

                                                                      Model: Jenn

                                                                  Model: Jessika

Model: Brenda

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Add to the archive!

Here are a few more photos from some shoots I did last spring. They make me egar to post my most recent content, my skills has come a long way since this stage!
I had blast trying some darker eyes and edgy hair on my friend/model Miss Mandible.

We went with a glowing sweet & innocent look for model Miriam. This was our first shoot together!
Both portraits by Photographer: Parris Blue Productions

Friday, October 22, 2010

.Falling Up.

Fall is here and with it came NEW business cards. My talented friend, Miss Mandible, helped me design two chic custom designs! She is a wonder with art, fashion, and design of any sort. Needless to say I am BEYOND thrilled with the final product. With these cards at hand I can get my name and contact info out in style!

The past week has been a whirlwind of glamour and fun. Last weekend was another successful Pin-up Party! During my shoot with these three new clients I got a little reminder of why I love what I do. While I primp and pamper each girl for her closeup I chat it up and get to know a bit about them. Altough these girls were still young they all seemed to face intense hardships in life. Hearing the stories of these vibrant, strong women made me feel excited to be a part of their transformation. With three different girls came the opportunity to give them all seperate looks. From rich, deep, fall colors to the sleek rocker chick, they all had a heavy element of class and sass! They enjoyed every minute of it. Before the shoot even came to an end they were already talking about their next Pin-up Party!

Photographer Tina Tang is now back in the studio after her amazing trip to Africa! Upon her return I got the rad opportunity to be MUAH stylist for her gorgeous daughter, Sophia. If that wasn't rad enough, the shoot is going to be a part of  the Kick Breast Cancer's Ass: Pinup Calender for Dori. I am very thankful to have a part in this amazing project. Again another reason why I love what I do!

Along with Tina's return and a few more shoots behind me I can only look forward to a ton more photos to post for you all and more girlies to revamp!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Out of sorts but in style!

Great success! I have worked hard and am now reaping my benefits! Which in this case is a COMPUTER! From here on out it will be a lot easier for me to keep up with my posts :) Thank goodness! Whew...

How this makeup fire got lit recently was due to a rad opportunity working along side local photographer Tina Tang of Parris Blue Productions. I met her doing makeup and hair for a model/friend. We had such a great time that I have started to frequent her studio doing "Pin-up Parties", a unique service Tina has for woman who want special portaits taken in the style of :
- Pin-up/ Vintage
- Glamour
- Boudoir/ Lingerie

Posted here are a few examples of my lastest work with the Pin-up Parties!



I have also been working with a new model at Parris Blue Productions trying out different 40's inspired hair-do's! Tina is currently out of the country and I will be posting those photos upon her return. I can't wait to see them!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

UP & AT 'EM!

Gearing up Bull's Eye Makeup & Hair (MUAH) Styling with a brand new blog! Will be posting an online portfolio of all my makeup and hair creations. Complete with before and after shots to see the complete transformation. 

Along the way I will be using this blog as a space to compile inspirational images as well as share my experience being a MUAH stylist. Business cards are in the works, getting very giddy about them! Feel free to pop in weekly as I update you with fresh looks.